HE SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN HIS SQUAD CAR: Cop-Killer's Family Blames The Police For Officer's Death

Alleged Cop-Killer Major Davis Junior is "not a bad person," according to his family.
Alleged Cop-Killer Major Davis Junior is  "not a bad person," according to his family.
Alleged Cop-Killer Major Davis, Jr is “not a bad person,” according to his family.

Major Davis, Jr was brandishing a semi-automatic rifle Saturday night in Indianapolis, which led to a 911 call that dispatched police. When IMPD Officer Perry Renn found Davis at 34th Street and Forest Manor Avenue, Davis opened fire on Officer Renn. Davis was critically wounded in the gunfight, but survived. Officer Renn died of wounds sustained in the firefight. Davis now faces a charge of murder.


It’s probably a shock to no one that Davis’s family is blaming the police for his actions:

He wasn’t a bad person. His father was killed by IMPD. That is enough to hurt a person and scar him for life,” said Moornan.

One of the officers listed in that 2003 police report is Officer Perry Renn.

“I imagine he figured they were going to try and kill him. I mean cause look what they did to his father,” said Moornan.

On Saturday night, the family says they were having a cookout.

“Next thing, I just heard shots and everybody running in the house and everybody hit the floor,” said Yvonne Moornan, Davis Jr.’s aunt.

By the time they got outside, they realized those shots were Davis Jr. and Officer Renn shooting at each other. Davis had an assault rifle.

“Major is not a bad person in spite of what happened. Things happen,” said Pam Moornan.

Now, the Davis family is worried about their son’s reputation and again, questioning police tactics.

“It’s horrible about what took place, but, I mean, I don’t think it’s fair though for them to keep dragging him through the mud,” said Moornan.

And again, questioning police tactics.

“I don’t know how the police was shooting. I don’t know if they took concern of any kids running around,” said Yvonne Moornan.

The family did say it is sorry for Officer Renn’s family, but they said the tragedy may have been avoided if Officer Renn would’ve stayed at his car since he could see Davis had a gun.


The alleged cop-killer’s father, Major Davis, Sr. had been arrested 15 times and did three years in prison on a drug charge. He died of a heart attack in 2003 while in handcuffs after fighting with police as he attempted to avoid a public intoxication charge. The family (of course) blamed the police for his death.

Pam Moornan blames the IMPD officer for his own death.
Pam Moornan blames the IMPD officer for his own death.

Here is the family’s reasoning/justification for Davis’s murder of Officer Renn:

  • Davis, Jr’s convicted felon father had a heart attack and died in police custody while attempting to avoid his 15th arrest… which is enough to “scar him for life.”
  • Davis, Jr. must have thought the cops were trying to kill him, again blaming the father’s heart attack on police.
  • “Things happen.”
  • Officer Renn shouldn’t have shot back at Davis, Jr. because there were kids in the area.
  • Officer Renn should have just stayed in his car, since he could see criminal Davis, Jr. brandishing a weapon.

It probably won’t surprise anyone that Davis, Jr. had multiple arrests on drug charges dating back to 2006.

I’m at a loss to explain a mindset that seems to have an unswerving ability to justify any and all criminal activity from their family members, while finding a way to blame authorities who are simply attempting to keep the peace.


Our deepest condolences to the family of Officer Renn.

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