Armed Robber Dies Trying To Rob Two Stores Belonging To Same Family In One Night

We’re sure that we’ll hear from the family of 19-year-old Christian Munoz soon enough as they attempt to explain how he was “a good boy” who “didn’t deserve to die,” but in the meantime we’re simply happy that his crime spree is over… permanently

According to police, the owner of Congress Mini Market at 750 Congress Avenue called 911 to report that a man armed with a rifle had tried to rob him Tuesday night.

While detectives were interviewing him, the store owner’s brother called to say he had just shot a man who tried to rob his store, Nino’s Mini Market at 659 Washington Avenue, according to police.

Police arrived at the convenience store to find the suspect, identified as 19-year-old Christian Munoz, suffering from gunshot wounds to the chest. Munoz was rushed to Yale-New Haven Hospital, where he was prounounced [sic] dead, police said.

Unfortunately, the store owner’s family is worried that they’ll be prosecuted by police for what would be an open-and-shut case of self-defense almost anywhere else in the country. You see, this incident happened in anti-gun Connecticut, where the government would rather store owners  be the victims of crimes than stop criminals using lawfully owned weapons. If you read the article, you’ll note people in the comments are worried that the local prosecutor will find a way to charge the store owner with a crime for defending himself.

Connecticut is such a screwed up state. No wonder businesses and citizens who value liberty are looking to escape south to the free states.