Free Chapter - Frank Minter's The Future Of the Gun

Regnery Publishing has tipped us off that they are offering a free chapter of Frank Miniter’s new book The Future of the Gun.

It has some strong praise so far:


“If you want to know what role guns are likely to play in the United States in this century, you’re certainly not going to get any kind of unbiased or accurate answer from general news sources. Frank Miniter, who has been writing about guns for his entire career, fills the void with his new book. Want to see what’s coming? Here is about as good a look at the future of firearms as you are likely to get.”

—DAVID E. PETZAL, rifles field editor, Field & Stream

“Guns are demonized, idolized, politicized, and mostly misunderstood. With a clear voice, a reporter’s curiosity, and a polemist’s agenda, Frank Miniter explores the technology, politics, and influence of guns in America. His look ahead at the next generation of guns and how they will shape public policy is especially fascinating.”
—ANDREW McKEAN, editor in chief, Outdoor Life

“The Future of the Gun is an insightful look into gun politics and policy, written with Frank’s trademark wit. An important read for every American.”
—CHRIS W. COX, chief lobbyist, National Rifle Association

“I first met Frank at the Supreme Court covering the Heller case. From his work there, I knew he was a top-notch reporter, and he shows his writing chops in The Future of the Gun. He offers an informed, yet highly readable look into our future. And he’s done it all in under three hundred pages.”

—JIM SHEPHERD, editor and publisher, The Outdoor Wire Digital Network, including the Shooting Wire, and founding member of CNN


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