'I Had To Protect Them.' Houston Shopkeeper Kills Armed Robber, Gets Death Threats From Robber's Family

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Usman Seth (left) shoots and kills an armed robber (center) who pointed a shotgun at his sister during an armed robbery.

When an armed robber pointed a shotgun at his sister, 20-year-old Usman Seth snatched a Smith & Wesson handgun out of his father’s hands and opened fire, striking the robber in the leg. The robber fired back while hopping around the family’s Houston convenience store, but missed, as Seth yelled at the robber to drop his weapon.


When the robber refused to give up, Seth put him down for good.

‘He kept threatening us,’ Seth told reporters.

As the gunfight continued, the robber positioned himself beside a Dr. Pepper cooler.

Finally Seth was able to hit him again, eventually killing the man.

Seth said he recognized the man’s face when first responders arrived and removed the man’s mask.

He was a young Hispanic who had come into the store about 30 minutes earlier.

The robber’s name has not been released.

However, Seth said the man’s brother came to the store Saturday morning and threatened to take revenge by murdering the family.

Seth’s father, also named Usman Seth, 59, said he worries the family will have peace after this.

‘We are continuously getting threats from them,’ he said.

A grand jury is expected to review the case.

Even after being shot in the leg, the armed robber refused to surrender, forcing the store owner's son to shoot him again.
Even after being shot in the leg, the armed robber refused to surrender, forcing the store owner’s son to shoot him again.

Other news accounts say that the dead robber was accompanied by two other individuals about a half-hour before the robbery when they cased the store. Both have been identified and are being questioned.


We can only hope that the Houston PD keeps a tight leash on the robber’s family. It’s disgusting that they think they have the right to threaten anyone after their thug relative attempted to rob and kill the Seth family.

The store had been robbed several times before, but not by this armed robber.

Surprisingly, we haven’t yet seem claims by the dead robber’s family that he was a good person who was just a little confused/getting his life together/going through a tough time/was misunderstood, etc.

I’m sure they’ll try to justify his behavior at some point, they just haven’t found a local member of the media to complain to at this time.

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