Media, Leftists Irate That Gun Company Mocked Obama Family

The reliably left-wing media does not like it when King Putt is mocked:

An Oceanside-based gun parts store has incited nationwide controversy over an item dubbed “The Obama’s Blaster” – controversy the store’s owner welcomes.

Ares Armor owner Dimitrios Karras told NBC 7 he has received a slew of death threats after naming a $550 AR-15 gun barrel “The Obama’s Blaster” as a joke.

“I mean, we had one guy who literally said he wished he had a rocket launcher to shoot rockets at us because we named a product after the president,” said Karras. “He’s so anti-gun that he’s become pro-rocket.”

In a YouTube video and description dripping with sarcasm, Ares Armor thanks President “Barrack” Obama for being “the distinguished firearms industry spokesman and salesman of all time.”

I guess it was just to difficult for NBC San Diego to do the very basic research that would show them that the “gun barrel” they were discussing was an entire upper receiver.