Alleged Pedophile's Sister Says "It Was Awesome" That 11 Year-Old Shot Her Murderous Brother

Leonardo Henry, alleged  pedophile and attempted murderer
Leonardo Henry, alleged pedophile and attempted murderer

An alleged pedophile’s sister says that “it was awesome” when an 11-year-old girl shot her brother. The criminal violated a protective order against him, and attacked the girl’s mother with a knife.

Unfortunately for Moms Demand Action and other gun control cultists that like to have dead victims to exploit, the woman in this instance had a gun in her home, and a child that knew how to use it.

An Oklahoma City man is hospitalized after being shot multiple times by the 11-year-old girl.

Police say the suspect attacked and stabbed the girl’s mother inside the victim’s home near SE 89th and Bryant.

After being shot, the suspect ran outside of the home but didn’t get far.

The wounded suspect collapsed in the street and police took him into custody.

The home’s back door is still smashed after the man broke inside and began stabbing his ex-girlfriend.

“He stabbed her in the eye, neck and the chest,” said neighbor Carolyn Marsee.

Seeing the violent assault, neighbors say the victim’s 11-year-old daughter grabbed a gun and shot the attacker multiple times inside the home.

“What she did, the 11-year-old, was amazing,” said Shiree Marsee.

After the shooting police rushed Leonardo Henry, 25, to the hospital and will soon book him into the Oklahoma County jail.

This young lady scored multiple hits against an aggressor who was attacking her mother, apparently during the attack, and didn’t hit anyone other than her intended target. That is incredibly good shooting, even if luck played a role.

Emma Spence, the sister of the attacker, believes the allegations made against her brother may be true, and is very supportive of the girl who shot her brother.

According to a protective order, the victim claimed Henry “had been molesting (several kids) in the middle of the night for several years.”

The victim added one week ago she “was afraid he is going to hurt her and the children because she reported the abuse.”

“It’s gruesome. It makes me sick,” said Henry’s sister Emma Spence.

Emma hates to admit it, but says her brother may be guilty of the sexual abuse.

“Kids don’t lie about that stuff,” said Emma.

Given that history, and the violent nature of the assault overnight, Emma believes the little girl had every right to pull the trigger.

“I salute her. It was awesome that she did that for her mom,” said Emma.

Both Henry and the girl’s mother are expected to recover from their wounds.

Our prayers go out to the young lady who so bravely saved her mother’s life (and quite possibly her own) by shooting Henry. She did a very hard, but very good thing in defending her family with a firearm.  As for Henry…  her’s hoping that he is “accidentally” incarcerated in the grizzly bear exhibit at the Oklahoma City Zoo instead of the jail when he is released from the hospital.


Angry bully Shannon Watts doesn't want women to defend themselves with firearms, or for children to know how to shoot.
Angry bully Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action doesn’t want women to defend themselves with firearms, or for children to know how to shoot.

It’s unfair to say that gun control cultists like Sarah Brady, Shannon Watts, and Ladd Everitt want a world safe for knife-crazed pedophiles.

That is, however, the precise result of the kind of of laws and policies that they support with a zealot’s unreasoning gleam in their eyes.