NRA Ad Buy Allows Violent Crime Survivor To Target Bloomberg's Hypocrisy

The story of violent crime survivor Kimberly Weeks is the focus of a $2 million ad buy by the National Rifle Association that targets anti-gun billionaire hypocrite Michael Bloomberg, a stunningly wealthy man with a phalanx of heavily armed bodyguards and armored vehicles who thinks that his life is worth spending millions a year on in self-defense, but who arrogantly thinks that the rest of us aren’t worthy to exercise those same rights.

There are two versions of Kim’s story.

The shorter spot is likely to garner the most airplay.

The longer ad more fully tells her story.

The NRA’s site pointing out Bloomberg’s raging hypocrisy is, and looks to take on the billionaire head on. You might want to think about bookmarking that site, and sharing it with your friend. The mainstream media certainly isn’t going to do it for you.

Michael Bloomberg may have more money than you and I, but his vote doesn’t count a single bit more.

Remember that in November.