BREAKING: If You Shoot At Police Officers, They Will Shoot Back At You

St. Louis police investigate the scene of an alleged gunfight between an off-duty police officer and a man with a criminal record.
St. Louis police investigate the scene of an alleged gunfight between an off-duty police officer and a man with a criminal record.

There is a sort of mental illness sweeping through the St. Louis area, where activists have gotten it into their feeble little minds that law enforcement officers are supposed to simply allow (alleged)  criminals to physically attack or even shoot at police without recourse.

Last night, a protest turned violent 24 hours after Vonderrit Deondre Myers was shot and killed by a St. Louis police officer working a neighborhood patrol while off-duty and in uniform.

The veteran officer chased a trio of individuals after than ran from him, and held his fire, even after seeing what appeared to be a gun in the possession of one of the men. He only returned fire after that man— Vonderrit Deondre Myers—spun around and fired three shots, attempting to kill the officer. Myers would have likely fired more shots, but his stolen gun jammed.

The veteran officer fired 17 shots back at Myers, striking him “seven or eight times.” All but one of the bullets struck Myers in the lower part of his body, meaning his pelvis and or legs. The presumed fatal shot struck  Myers in the head.

Incredibly, activists are blaming the police officer for daring to do his job.

“It`s a clear case of this young man being gunned down by an insensitive white officer who was off-duty,” Akbar Muhammad, part of a coalition seeking justice in the Brown shooting, told CNN affiliate KTVI. “He chased them off a corner.”

Surprising no one, former Barack Obama advisor and friend Van Jones was quick to pile on.

But Van Jones, a civil rights activist and CNN contributor, said nobody can trust the police after the Brown killing.

“You’re seeing a wholesale breakdown of trust,” he said on “OutFront.”

Let me “civi-lsplain” something to you idiots.

Race doesn’t matter.

If a black, brown, red, or yellow-skinned officer shot a white kid in an identical situation, there wouldn’t be rioting. There wouldn’t be protests,  except for perhaps the immediate family and friends of the dead criminal, who are entitled to experience a little denial about their dearly departed thug family member.

And let’s make no mistake: Vonderrit Myers wasn’t a good kid. He was charged with unlawful use of a weapon and resisting arrest in June, and was likely running from the officer because he was armed, underage, again, with a stolen Ruger 9mm pistol when he attempted to murder the off-duty officer.

The Myers family is telling the same old story. Vonderrrit was a good boy who had a few brushes with the law, but was turning his life around. They don’t think that he deserved to die.

How dare that police officer return fire and kill him!

Here’s a word of advice: if you don’t want your children taking a trip to the morgue courtesy of a law enforcement officer’s bullets, raise your children to function as productive members of a civil society, instead of blaming the authorities when your lack of parenting and dysfunctional community values churn out a dangerous criminal.

Oct 21, 2021 9:30 PM ET
Oct 21, 2021 6:30 PM ET