ABSURD: Long-time Employee Fired For Admitting That He Owned A Gun

The gated community of Lakes of the Four Seasons in Indiana likes to bill itself as “Chicagoland’s best kept secret.”

It boasts its own private security force, a championship golf course, four lakes, two restaurants… and utter contempt for the Second Amendment rights of its employees. They recently fired a long-time employee after overhearing that he merely owned a firearm.


Nino Ferlaino had worked for LOFS for 21 years before this summer when, in conversation amongst coworkers, he acknowledged that he believed in the 2nd Amendment and kept a gun at home.

Two days following this conversation, on July 2nd, Ferlaino’s supervisor, Doug Weiss, approached him and asked him if he carried a gun. Ferlaino admitted that he owned a gun but never carried it while working.

So, due to this hoplophobia, Weiss informed Ferlaino that he had met with the property owners association’s board of directors July 1 and that Ferlaino’s conversation with his co-workers violated the company’s “no tolerance policy.”  As such, he was fired effective immediately.

There is SO much wrong with this cluster flop.  Like, how exactly is the simple fact of being a gun owner a violation of any policy?  After 21 years Mr. Ferlaino doesn’t get a warning or a reprimand but rather summarily fired?  Also, Ferlaino doesn’t get a chance to answer any of this before being fired?  I mean, even when Weiss spoke to him on July 2nd the decision was all ready made on July 1st.

Thanks to the forward thinking of the State of Indiana, not only is the LOFS actions immoral and unethical but they are also ILLEGAL.


Mr. Ferlaino is now pursuing a suit against Lake of the Four Seasons for punitive and actual damages, alleging that LOFS violated Indiana’s  “take your gun to work law” by asking him if he carried a gun.

Apparently the LOFS “Attourney” [sic]  isn’t any better at doing his job than their web site admin is spelling it.

Hopefully when the case gets to trial the jury will see fit to sting the bigoted community for enough damages to serve as a warning to other communities and employers does not mean that they own you, or that may strip you of your constitutional rights as a condition of employment.

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