Michigan Concealed Carry Permit Holder Helps Thwart, Capture Attempted Rapist

The suspect, Jeffery McSwain, Jr., attacked a woman inside this vacant Flint, Michigan home.
The suspect, Jeffery McSwain, Jr., attacked a woman inside this vacant Flint, Michigan home.

The mother of a woman who told police she was attacked inside an eastside home said she is thankful for neighbors who rushed to her daughter’s aid, including a man who held the alleged attacker at gunpoint then chased him down and helped hold him until police arrived.

“She got lucky,” said the woman’s mother, who is not being identified to protect the identity of the woman. “If it wasn’t for all these people who cared enough to help her, and not turn the other cheek like so many people would, my daughter would be dead right now.”

The victim was on her way home from a nearby store—the kind that Moms Demand Action would like to ban you from carrying guns in—and forced into a vacant home by a man who beat her severely, ripped off her clothes, and attempted to rape her.

The victim escaped and screamed for help, at which point a concealed carry permit holder that lives nearby sprang into action, ordering the suspect out of the vacant home at gunpoint. The suspect, Jeffery McSwain, Jr, attempted to escape on foot but was chased down by the concealed carry permit holder and another man and was held until police arrived.

The suspect, Jeffery McSwain, Jr.,
The suspect, Jeffery McSwain, Jr, faces a possible ten years in prison for the attempted rape.

The suspect appears to have collected a few blows to the head either during the commission of his crime or during his capture. I somehow suspect that the authorities aren’t deeply concerned about the specific nature of these relatively minor injuries.

You’ll note that the concealed carry permit holder in this situation acted with restraint at all times.

The concealed carry permit holder did not shoot at the alleged criminal as he encountered him at the vacant home.

He did not shoot at the alleged attempted rapist as the criminal attempted to flee the scene of the crime.

He did not shoot McSwain during the (successful) attempt to capture him after a short chase, and he did not shoot him before the police took McSwain into custody.

In short, the often-repeated claim from gun control cultists that concealed carriers are just looking for an excuse to shoot another human being  proved to be false, yet again.

This good guy with a gun simply helped take yet another criminal off the streets.