"He Was Good Kid." Stepmother Defends Five-Time Loser Killed Committing Home Invasion

Tara Wade says that her step-son is "good boy" who
tara wade
Tara Wade says that her stepson Calvin Yoder was, “a good kid, loving, caring, very laid back,” despite his long criminal history and the fact that he was killed after breaking into another man’s home and opening fire on him.

You knew that there had to be a family member or friend somewhere that would crawl out of the woodwork to tell us how 22-year-old felon Calvin Yoder was a good kid who was just getting his life turned around.

His stepmother Tara Wade turned out to be the one to answer the call.

“He was a good kid, loving, caring, very laid back,” explained Wade.

Wade told ABC Action News Yoder came to visit his parents at the Booker Street home Thursday night.  Yoder lived in Bradenton.

According to Wade, shortly after Yoder arrived, his brother Leon also showed up.

Wade recalled her sons talking outside.

Leon convinced Yoder to go Bane’s house which was just a mile away, Wade said.

Wade claims her sons and bane were supposed to hangout.

Sarasota homeowner Chris Bane probably has a different idea of what “hanging out” means,  since Bane awoke to breaking glass and had to return fire when Yoder attempted to murder Bane in a home invasion.

Deputies said the homeowner, Chris Bane, heard glass breaking at about 5:40 a.m. He grabbed his gun and went into the hallway, where he came face to face with Calvin Yoder.

“The burglar fired a shot and the homeowner returned fire, striking and killing the intruder,” said Wendy Rose, a spokesperson for the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office. “Apparently the homeowner has been the victim of burglary recently so he was on alert, he was on edge, and as soon as he heard glass breaking he armed himself to protect himself and his 11-year-old child who was in the home.”

Rose said Bane’s home had been broken into as recently as Sunday, but deputies aren’t sure if Yoder was involved.

Calvin Yoder, former home invader.
Calvin Yoder, former inmate and unsuccessful home invader, pictured after a prior arrest.

Yoder’s brother Leon cared so much about him that he fled the scene of the crime, returned him long enough to tell his step-mother Wade that Yoder had be shot, and then went on the run himself.

Mr. Bane regretted having to take Yoder’s life, but the young criminal put Bane in the position of having to defend his life and the life of his young son when Yoder fired first.


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