Gun Control Group Continues Attempt To Bully Kroger Into Stripping Shoppers Of A Human Right

Crazy is normal in the world of gun control supporters.
Angry bully Shannon Watts doesn't want women to defend themselves with firearms, or for children to know how to shoot.
Shannon Watts doesn’t want citizens to be able to defend their children from criminals.

Forbes reporter Clare O’Connor says that gun prohibitionist Shannon Watts and a small number of her followers from the citizen control group Moms Demand Action will attempt to bully Kroger shareholders at the company’s annual meeting in Cincinnati next Wednesday.


Members of local affiliates of the Michael Bloomberg-backed gun control groups Everytown and Moms Demand Action will be waiting near the supermarket chain’s Cincinnati headquarters on October 29th to confront investors and executives.

Kroger currently allows shoppers to openly carry guns in stores in states where the practice is legal. Everytown and Moms Demand Action activists aim to convince the retailer to change this policy, in line with other large chains like Starbucks SBUX +0.35% and Target TGT +1.14%.

Joining the gun safety groups will be a survivor of the 2011 Tucson massacre outside a Safeway SWY +0.15% supermarket, when eighteen people, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, were shot. Six were killed. (Giffords has since retired from politics and devoted her career to gun control advocacy; she and husband Mark Kelly launched the nonprofit Americans for Responsible Solutions.)

Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts will be on the scene in Cincinnati and hopes to compel Kroger executives to meet with her in person. The group, in partnership with billionaire Bloomberg’s $50 million Everytown project, has been petitioning the country’s largest supermarket chain for more than two months.


I fully expect that Moms Demand will “confront” Kroger with the same honesty that they “confronted” the National Rifle Association at that group’s annual meeting earlier this year… where they didn’t confront the NRA at all.

The “confrontation” was a lame protest of 156 souls (including speakers, the media, Shannon Watts’s heavily armed private security detail and armored SUV driver, etc) a twenty-minute hike away from the actual NRA meeting in Indianapolis. It was emotionally flat and lifeless experience that drew very little local support.

The author was one of perhaps 20-30 journalists that made up a significant percentage of the crowd at the Moms Demand/Everytown rally in Indianapolis earlier this year.

Kroger has refused to meet with Watts, and for good reason—she represents a radical and small group of anti-liberty activists that are attempting to bully the nation’s second-largest retailer into adopting a policy that exceeds state laws, and would put Kroger employees in the uncomfortable position of having to tell customers that their civil rights are not valued or respected.

Kroger’s management has refused to entertain Watts and her small band of shrill anti-liberty activists during their two-month jihad, which has also seen individual store managers refuse to engage with the group.


Watts and her cult have been very desperate in their attempt to bully Kroger, to the point of even attempting to blame armed robberies on the stores common sense policy of following local, state, and federal laws.

Moms Demand supporters have gone so far as to threaten crimes against Kroger customers.

In a just world, a hysterical group advocating violence against people practicing their civil rights would be publicly shunned by all decent people.

So far, Kroger executives have done just that, and have refused to capitulate to the extremist group.

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