BULLIES: Moms Demand Action To Rant Against Kroger Shareholders Today

Moms Demand is primarily a social media campaign, that generates very little real world interest (image via WLWT5)
Moms Demand is primarily a social media campaign, that generates very little real world interest (image via WLWT5)
Moms Demand is primarily a social media campaign, that generates very little real world interest or support outside of their paid staffers. (image via WLWT5)

Moms Demand Action has been conducting a bullying campaign in recent weeks on behalf of their employer, Michael Bloomberg. Moms Demand and their gun control sister group, Everytown for Gun Safety, are attempting to force the nation’s largest grocery store chain to pass a policy banning the open carry of firearms. They are pushing for store policies that are more restrictive than national, state, and local laws.


The prohibitionist gun group wants to put Kroger employees in the uncomfortable position of having to confront law-abiding customers and ask them to leave Kroger stores. The effort is part of a national campaign by the Bloomberg-owned gun control groups to ostracize 100 million Americans who own firearms.

Kroger maintains the logical position that it is the duty of government bodies to decide consistent firearm policies, not retailers.

The hope of Moms Demand/Everytown to turn gun owners into second-class citizens, the way Democrats once oppressed other minorities.

Kroger shareholders are conducting their annual meeting in Cincinnati today, and Moms Demand/Everytown has announced plans to “confront” them.

The “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” will raise their concerns and their voices at the Kroger investor’s meeting Wednesday morning.

The group is at odds with the nation’s largest grocery store chain over its policy allowing the open carry of firearms in its stores.

The group bought a series of newspaper ads showing a person doing things that are banned in stores, such as using a skateboard or eating food, standing next to someone with a rifle or handgun. The ad notes that one of these people isn’t welcome in Kroger.


The entire Moms Demand campaign is based around a handful of images culled from political protests (primarily in Texas) where long gun open carriers have carried slung rifles into retail establishments to protest Texas state law that bans the holstered carry of handguns.

Moms Demand has dishonestly attempted to assert that this is a common occurrence in stores nationwide, which is categorically false. Time and again, Moms Demand posts pictures that they generated via an advertising firm of people holding long guns in a grocery store setting, but the group is being dishonest.

Moms Demand isn’t attempting bully Kroger into banning merely the rare-as-unicorns carry of long guns in stores as their imagery suggests, but are attempting to ban the lawful carry of holstered handguns, which is legal if only occasionally practiced in most of the nation.

The ultimate goal of the Moms Demand campaign is to bully private businesses into ban firearms since they have repeatedly failed to find enough support in local, state, or federal governments to turn their prohibitionist policies into laws.

Nationwide, it appears that Moms Demand is arguing against a rising tide of gun ownership and more permissive gun laws. Concealed carry laws have steadily expanded across the nation in the past three decades, and gun ownership is at an all-time high.


The fastest growing demographics among new shooters are young, urban, and female.

Update: WLWT5 attended the Moms Demand protest, which does not appear to have attracted more than perhaps 1-2 dozen attendees.

Here is a still-frame of what WLWT5 says was “all the moms” during their video report.

Moms Demand/Everytown supporters protest the Kroger’s shareholder meeting Oct 29,,2014.

The attendance reinforces the view that Moms Demand Action is a vanity social media project of Michael Bloomberg, and not an actual movement.

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