Atlanta Man In Critical After Being Robbed At Grocery Store Targeted By Moms Demand Action

A man was shot in this parking lot in front of a south Fulton County Kroger during an armed robbery. Gun prohibitionist cult Moms Demand Action is attempting to bully the chain into banning the legal carry of firearms allowed by local, state, and federal laws.

The prohibitionist bullies of Moms Demand Action repeatedly claim that you “don’t need” a gun to go shopping.

This is their constant—and entirely illogical—argument as they attempt to bully retail chains into passing anti-gun policies. The group has adopted the tactic of attempting to use social media campaigns to bully stores since they lack enough real-world support to win legislative changes.

Across the nation, the trend is actually towards relaxing concealed carry laws, as areas where guns are allowed seem to experience significantly less crime than those areas where guns are banned.

Recent analysis by the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) shows that a stunning 92-percent of mass shootings since 2009 haven taken place in the very “gun free zones” that Moms Demand is attempting to create.

This Fulton County incident underscores the failure of the Moms Demand philosophy, as a member of a popular area choir was shot and critically injured in a robbery attempt in a grocery store parking lot, one of the locations that the gun control group insists that citizens shouldn’t be able to carry lawfully-owned firearms.

A South Fulton County man is in critical condition after being shot in the parking lot of a grocery store last Thursday.

Daniel McHugh, 48, of Atlanta was the victim of a robbery attempt according to Fulton County Police.

McHugh just walked out of the Kroger at 6055 Old National Highway and got into his car when two men opened the driver side door. According to a police incident report officers found McHugh leaned back in the driver’s seat, yelling he had been shot. Bystanders were helping put pressure on a gunshot wound to his stomach.

McHugh is fighting for his life at Grady Memorial Hospital leaving his friends and roommates to wonder who would shoot him for no reason. “Dan is such a nice easy going guy and if you can think having something like this to happen to somebody of his caliber, it just hit me really, really hard,” said Rob Rogers.


Criminals do not obey gun laws, just as they refuse to obey laws against armed robbery and attempted murder.

The attempt by Moms Demand to bully retail chains into banning firearms allowed under local, state, and federal law is sure to increase the violent crime targeting these “gun free zones.”

If Shannon Watts and her prohibitionist group really cared more about saving lives than controlling them they’d give up this dangerously flawed crusade.

Unfortunately, as they’ve made clear, their campaign is about serving the interests of their bodyguard-surrounded billionaire benefactor Michael Bloomberg, and not keeping the United States safe for those of us who can’t afford a cadre of heavily armed private security and armored vehicles.

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