Robbers Target Baker in Calumet City, One Nearly Ends Up Frosted

An armed robber in Illinois thought that his realistic fake gun would be enough to ensure a successful robbery, and it would have been… if the bakery owner they targeted thought that the robber was only interested in cash.


Once the owner thought that his life was in mortal danger however, the baker thought that he’d at least go down fighting… and ruined the robber’s day when he did all the shooting.

“They had the money already, why would they ask us to go to the back? It didn’t seem or feel right,” he said.

The baker then grabbed his own gun and fired, hitting one of the suspects seven times. However, the weapon the baker believed the suspects had was actually a very realistic-looking toy, police said.

“Gotta protect ourselves. I don’t think I broke the law, just defended myself and my employee’s life,” he said. “I don’t feel good about it. Just the way it happened.”

“Bad guys should be aware: Owners have the right to carry on their own property and defend themselves,” said Chief Edward Gilmore, Calumet City police.

Gilmore says the bakery owner did everything right; he has a FOID card, the gun is legal and so were his actions.

“When you feel your life is threatened and you’ve done everything right, you do have the right to protect yourself and that’s what the business owner did,” Gilmore said. “It should very well be a message to criminals.”


The robber’s accomplice abandoned him and fled the scene.

The robber is expected to survive, and if he does, he’s looking at a nice long stretch in prison.

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