DERPTASTIC: Robber Flees After Clerk Grabs His Gun, Fires Shot

This Salibury internet cafe robbery suspect put his gun down, and was then shot at by the clerk. That’s a nice sweater vest, Urkel.

I’m not saying that all criminals are pathetic, brain-dead losers… but this moron certainly is.


South Main Internet Café on Main Street just before 10 p.m. armed with a gun. They said he then ordered everyone in the café to get on the ground and shoved the handgun in the teller’s face, demanding money.

Police said the female teller was so nervous that she dropped the till from the machine on the ground, and had to bend down to get the cash and stack it on the counter.

Investigators told Channel 9 that the robber did not have a bag for the cash so he put his gun down on the counter and began stuffing money into his coat.

Police said that the teller then picked up the gun, pointed it at the robber and fired a shot at him, but missed.

This battered .38 special was used by the robbery suspect… and his quick-thinking victim.

It is relatively rare that a victim turns the table on an armed robber with his own weapon. It will be interesting to see if the authorities can get good prints from the cartridges and discover the identity of the suspect.

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