"ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS LIVE:" ABC Interviews Darren Wilson About The Shooting Of Michael Brown

ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos interviews Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.

It’s a fascinating and fair look that provides a glimpse of the man who has been vilified by the mainstream media for so long.

Wilson describes how quickly a routine and relatively slow day turned into a fight for his life with strong-arm robbery suspect Michael Brown.

Those of you who are students of self-defense should pay special attention to how Wilson’s gun went out of battery and was disabled, and how his training got it back into the fight.

Despite absurd claims to the contrary, Brown is only 35-40 feet (12-14 yards) away when he decided to turn and charge Officer Wilson. The final shot that stops Brown was fired as Wilson was backpedaling as Brown charged him at a range of just 8-10 feet.

It is worth noting that Wilson’s account is corroborated by the majority of eyewitnesses and the physical evidence.