WAR ON COPS CONTINUES: Durham Officer Targeted At Home

A Durham, NC Police officer was forced to take cover in his own home yesterday when a unknown assailant fired a shot that shattered his dining room window:

A Durham police officer’s home was damaged after it was shot at Monday afternoon, the department said.

The officer, who was not identified, was inside his home at the Atrium Apartments on Meriwether Drive at about 2 p.m. when the outer pane of his dining room sliding glass door was shattered, police said. The projectile did not enter the apartment.

“It is not known if the officer’s apartment was specifically targeted,” the department said. “At this point, investigators are trying to determine if the weapon was a pellet gun or a real gun.”

The officer looked out a window and saw a man running into the woods behind his apartment, police said. A detailed description of the suspect was not available.


The DPD is taking the official line that they don’t know if the officer’s home was targeted. Unofficially, they feel that the suspect knew exactly which apartment the officer lived in, and that this was an attempt to terrorize the officer.

This is the second time in recent days that a Durham Police Department officer has been targeted.

Officer J.T. West avoided an assassination attempt on Thursday after two men attempted to sneak up on his marked patrol car from behind. They fired six shots at West in an apparent attempt to murder him in a manner similar to the way NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu were killed in Brooklyn, New York on December 20.

This is the first-known attempt to target an officer in his home that Bearing Arms has encountered among recent attacks on police.

The number of police officers killed in the line of duty by armed felons is up 56% in 2014, with 15 “ambush” type killings.

Some say that the increase in attempts on the lives of police officers are due to racial discord being lead from the White House under Barack Obama and his retiring Attorney General, Eric Holder, along with frequent White House visitor and race hustler Al Sharpton. An amoral media are also uncritically feeding the false narratives (“hand up, don’t shoot,” and “I can’t breathe,” being two examples) without any regard for accuracy.

Critics claim Democrat politicians and the media are actively siding on behalf of criminals (including attempted murderers Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown) against law enforcement and legally-armed citizens.


As officers increasingly feel threatened they are adopting a bunker mentality, and are effectively stopping work in some jurisdictions.

If these work stoppages spread as officers put their safety over enforcing laws—and who can blame them?—you can expect criminals to try to exploit the situation.

You might be on your own in some parts of the nation, folks.

I hope you have the arms and training to defend your family, as I doubt Michael Bloomberg and Shannon Watts are going to send their armed bodyguards to your rescue.

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