Indy Home Invader Killed By Armed Man & Pregnant Fiance Who Refused To Be Victims

Don’t mess with momma.

A pregnant woman and her fiance fought for their lives against a pair of armed home invaders in Indianapolis earlier this week, leaving one of the criminals dead of multiple gunshot wounds at the scene, and his partner on the run.


Home invasion suspect Dequan Cummings was DRT (dead right there) when Indianapolis police arrived. Cummings had forced his way into a residence Sunday evening and struggled with the couple over the control of a firearm kept in the home.

It didn’t go his way, and the IMPD doesn’t seem the slightest bit upset that Cummings is now deceased.

Homicide detectives said the suspect forced his way into the victim’s apartment, pulled his gun and disarmed the would-be victim. But the victim and his pregnant fiancé wrestled the gun back and shot the suspect.

The suspect, identified as Dequan Cummings, of Indianapolis, was pronounced dead at the scene.

“We are in support of legal gun ownership, make no mistake about that.  Those are some of the basic tenants of our constitution. We want people to exercise caution, wisdom, and proper gun safety,” said IMPD Spokesman Christopher Wilburn.


Unspoken but seemingly implied in Officer Wilburn’s statement is that the judicious use of marksmanship is appreciated in armed self-defense.

The second home invader fled the scene alive, but his troubles are far from over.

Once captured, he will face not only armed robbery and other charges, but will face murder charges under Indiana’s version of the felony murder rule for Cummings’ death. The felony murder rule holds criminal actors responsible for any death resulting from a felony crime that they participated in, even if they did not directly cause the death themselves.


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