Armed Robber Shoots Himself During Robbery... And The Security Camera Caught It All

If you want to laugh at David Dempsey, by all means, please do so.

The South Carolina thug was on his fourth armed robbery of the day, had a bag of cash in hand, and was heading for the door when he managed to shoot himself as he was attempting to shove his revolver back in his waistband.


A security camera captured the moment the dim-witted Dempsey shot himself, then dropped his bag of loot and his handgun as he clutched his wounded leg.

Dempsey then hopped/limped out the front entrance of the hotel, only to return about 15 seconds later to pick up the revolver. He left the bag of money laying on the lobby floor as his limped away a second time, but he didn’t get very far.

Four people sitting behind bars tonight after a rash of robberies across two counties. It was their last stop in Aiken where Bradley Parrish, David Dempsey, Breanna Dudley, and Autumn Cooper. It was one shot that ended it all.

“All of a sudden he goes give me all your money, so I started pulling out bills and everything,” said Pat Coats, who was robbed at gun point.

Fear ran through Pat’s mind when she saw a gun.

“I didn’t want to get shot he was waving his gun around. He could have shot me anywhere,” said Coats.

Around 10:30 Friday night, 27 year old David Dempsey walked in the hotel lobby. He walked away with nearly 300 hundred dollars, but it wasn’t such a clean get away.

“On the way out I hear a pop, and the gun had gone off, and that tells me that’s real. He screams then starts limping, but there was a car outside and he got away pretty quickly. Karma got him by that gun going off,” said Coats.

Dempsey wasn’t the only one involved, 19 year old Autumn Cooper, 21 year old Breanna Dudley, and 25 year old Bradley Parrish also accomplices. It was Dempsey’s failed attempt that ended up shooting them all in the foot, at least metaphorically.

Deputies were responding to the robbery when they when the four flagged them down because Dempsey needed medical attention. Deputies put two and two together, and now the 4 of them sit behind bars.


If you follow the link to the story, you’ll see that a “controlled substance” was also recovered from the Ford Focus this quartet of idiocy was using as a getaway vehicle.

Bradley Parrish, one of the rocket scientists arrested in the crime spree.

Looking at some of their mug shots, I’m shocked that drugs were involved. Or not.

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