Magpul Announces Tons Of New Gear In Advance of SHOT Show

Katie Pavlich of and I will be in Las Vegas next week to bring you news from the 2015 SHOT Show, which always includes a ton of new product launches.

Magpul isn’t waiting until SHOT Show, and is already generating some serious industry buzz for some of their new products.

For afficianados of the AR-15 platform Magpul is announcing a 60-round drum magazine named the D60.

It is designed to be compatible with any firearm that uses STANAG magazines.

Magpul is also announcing the GL9, a 9mm Glock magazine.

Their best commercial, however, is about the two lines of AK furniture that the company is bringing to market.

They’re also going to be releasing a proper steel-reinforced AK magazine… we’ll see in time if it can compete with the Circle 10.

Last… but certainly not least… Magpul is bring out a stock system for the Remington 700.

Of all the new products bringing to market, this is the one that might be the hardest to pull off. I’ll be watching this with great interest.