Fast-Drawing Tulsa Shopkeeper Kills Two Armed Robbers, Ends Crime Spree

As a trio of armed men rushed towards the entrance of Ryan’s Convenience Store Tuesday night in Tulsa, Okalahoma, the store clerk saw them coming, and was ready as they hit the doors.


They don’t call doorways the “fatal funnel” for nothing.

A Tulsa man seven months shy of ending his probation for a prior larceny conviction is one of two men identified by police as being shot by a store clerk during a failed robbery attempt Tuesday night.

Brian L. Powell, 27, was killed after a clerk at Ryan’s convenience store, 9948 E. 21st St., pulled out a handgun and fired as a group of men allegedly entered the store to rob it, police said.

The other man killed in the alleged robbery was identified as 16-year-old Kevin Dobbs.

Police also announced the arrest of two men, 20-year-old Lakeit Thompson and 17-year-old George K. Williamson, in connection with the botched robbery attempt, as well as “other robberies.”

It is very rare for a convenience clerk to be this out in front of an armed robbery crew, who tend to rely on surprise and overwhelming violence to succeed. When they lost the element of surprise and a determined clerk met them with aimed fire in the confines of the doorway, it was a slaughter.

Thompson appears to be the third robber who escaped from the scene, and his involvement in the robbery got him two murder charges for the deaths of his fellow robbers under the felony murder rule. It isn’t precisely clear if Williamson had any direct role in this robbery, but he was apparently tied to other crimes committed by Thompson and his two partners who have decided to participate in the Room Temperature Challenge.

Authorities have evidence tying the robbery crew to at least eight other robberies.

The case will likely be reviewed by the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office, who may have a few additional questions for the clerk on duty, regarding his situational awareness, his training, and what hours he might be available for consulting as a combat marksmanship instructor to local law enforcement.


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