"The Gun Was The One Thing That Made Them Run"

Sable Nehme’s revolver and her boyfriend from two violent criminals.

Two University of Central Florida students say that the only thing that kept them from being seriously injured or killed in an armed robbery was the fact that one of their father’s made sure that she had a gun to protect them from predators.


Nour Skargee went to answer a knock at the door Tuesday night and two large men armed with a pistol pushed their way in the apartment, grabbing Skargee by the throat and pushing him into the living room.

They didn’t know that Skargee’s girlfriend, Sable Nehme, was in the back of the apartment until Skargee yelled, “grab the gun!”

The second victim, Sable Nehme, ran to her bedroom, retrieved her gun and pointed it at the culprits, deputies said.

“I quickly closed my door and locked it to get some extra time to get the gun,” Nehme said. “He immediately, when he saw the gun, turned right back around, darted out and both of them fled the apartment.”

One of the men dropped their gun, which ended up being a pellet gun.

“If we didn’t have a gun, it would have been game over. They were bigger than me, bigger than both of us,” Skargee said. “We had no way of stopping them. The gun was the one thing that made them run.”

It never ceases to amaze me that gun control supporters act against their own self-interests. They are attempting to outlaw the one tool that gives them a chance of surviving an encounter with criminal aggressors that are generally younger, faster, bigger and stronger than their victims.

Thanks Dad: The snub-nosed revolver given to Sable Nehme by her father served her well, thwarting an armed robbery… or worse.

News 9 reported that this was just the latest in a string of robberies at off campus apartments, where robbers are targeting students.

Why do criminals target college students? Two reasons.

  1. They have small electronics and computers that are easily stolen and fenced.
  2. They tend to be unarmed victims.

“I am so thankful I had that gun in my room. Like, I don’t know what would have happened,” said Nehme.

In this instance, ready access to a firearm was all that kept Skargee and Nehme from being robbed… or worse.

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