The Disgraceful Exit of Eric Holder

Disgraced Obama Administration Attorney General Eric Holder is leaving office under the cloud of scandal… but you wouldn’t know it from the way reporters are mentioning his exit.


Holder is the first Attorney General in U.S. history to be held in criminal contempt by the House of Representatives.  Holder earned his contempt charge for refusing to turn over documents related to the investigation of the Fast and Furious gun running plot that saw the ATF and DOJ run thousands of guns to the Sinaloa drug cartel.

The continuing investigation into Fast and Furious suggests the possibility of criminal conspiracy within the Department of Justice to withhold evidence of who authorized the gun-running plot, and who ondoned the order to supply the cartel with firearms.

It is known that at the time the ATF was supplying the Sinaloa cartel with weapons that President Obama, Attorney General Holder,  and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were propagating the “90-Percent Lie” in an effort to build support for a nationwide ban on semi-automatic firearms by claiming that 90-percent of the firearms used by Mexican drug cartels to murder police and civilians on both sides of the border came from American gun stores.

The actual figure was just 18-percent.

It seems more than a little curious that Holder’s own agencies illegally supplied more than 2,500 of the very weapons used in attempt to support this blatantly false claim.


More than 300 people have been murdered with the weapons smuggled to the Sinaloa cartel by Holder’s agency so far, including law enforcement agents on both sides of the border.

Holder’s Department of Justice refused to prosecute any of the ATF and DOJ agents involved in the gun running plot, or the on-going cover-up.

Likewise, Holder’s sudden and unexpected resignation seems directly to another high-level criminal conspiracy currently unfolding around the case of Jay Dobyns, an ATF agent turned whistleblower. DOJ attorneys in the Dobyn’s case were accused of conspiring to commit fraud against the court and witness intimidation, only to have an investigation of those criminal charges shot down by top DOJ brass in a brazen cover-up that has been described as worse that Watergate.

Deputy Attorney General James Cole resigned and Attorney General Eric Holder announced his resignation at the same time that the judge in the Dobyns case alleged that DOJ committed fraud against the court and threatened witnesses.

Somehow, the media is refusing to see the connections… or  more likely, is intentionally ignoring them.

Admitting that the tenure of Eric Holder is filled with cover-ups and apparent criminal activity is to admit that the media has utterly refused to hold this administration responsible for the kind of behavior that would have had them screaming for impeachment and criminal charges against previous administrations for lesser behavior.


Instead of pressing Holder on his criminal contempt charges or the two major scandals tied to his office that call the very credibility and integrity of the Justice Department itself into question, we get softball interviews from the likes of the Los Angeles Times, where fawning treatment is given to a man who has disgraced his office like no one in history.

Journalism is dead.

The cause of death is suicide.

Update: Over at our sister-site Hot Air, Jazz Shaw is also critiquing Holder’s disgraceful exit, and notes that Holder didn’t even seem to understand his job.

Jazz seems to be under the illusion that Holder’s job was to enforce laws, not to be Obama’s enforcer.

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