"I Used This Pistol To Defend Myself Against An Armed Attacker"

TWANGnBANG has been one of my favorites on YouTube (and now Full30) from the very beginning for the folksy enthusiasm that he and his daughter “Cuter Shooter” bring to their videos.


In his latest video, My Gun Saved My Life! True Story Of A Legally Armed Citizen, TWANGnBANG discusses his real-life encounter as an armed citizen suddenly confronted with an armed carjacker who had to make that split second decision to pull the trigger to defend his life.

His experience was one of the estimated 2.5 million times each year that firearms are used in self-defense by law-abiding citizens, mostly without a shot being fired.

He learned a lot about taking an active role in his self-defense training from this horrific experience.

Can you learn from it as well?

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