BUT WE ONLY NEED TEN ROUNDS? Dozens of Shots Fired To Bring Down Fort Worth Felon

One of the most common avenues of attack for gun control supporters is the attempt to limit the ability of citizens to own the standard-capacity magazines that a given firearm was designed to use.


These opponents of your Second Amendment rights claim that you don’t “need” a standard-capacity magazine, and have pushed some states to adopt arbitrary 15, 10, or even 7 round magazine limits.

The reality of the matter, of course, is that the Second Amendment was intended to ensure that the citizenry always maintained access to arms and accouterments of contemporary military utility, including unrestricted magazines. Thomas Jefferson himself purchased two rifles with detachable 22-round magazines which he sent west with Lewis & Clarke on their famous expedition to the Pacific Ocean and back.

Indeed, Jefferson’s Girandonis might have proved useful in a home invasion that turned into a rolling gun battle early Wednesday morning that saw more than 40 shots fired before arriving police finally brought down an armed home invader.

An armed man was shot and killed by a Fort Worth officer early Wednesday after he exchanged fire with another man and then with police, authorities say.

Fort Worth police responded to a shots fired call shortly after 2 a.m. Wednesday at a home in the 200 block of North Retta Street. The victim told police he confronted an armed intruder in his home and was shot in the hand before running out the front door.

“There was a very large active gunfight,” police Sgt. Steve Enright said Wednesday.

Police say the intruder walked out a back entrance and circled around to the front, where he again opened fire on the other man and officers who had arrived at the scene. An unnamed officer returned fire, fatally wounding the intruder. Dozens of bullet casings were strewn around the neighborhood, just northeast of downtown.


The resident and home invader engaged in a running gunfight that spilled out of the home as the homeowner retreated and the criminal, serial felon Reginald McGregor, pursued him around the home. Two Fort Worth officers arriving to the scene of the home invasion engaged McGregor, killing him.

Dozens of yellow markers show the locations of shell casing expended during the gun battle.

The simple fact of the matter is that an average human being in a high stress situation does not typically have the training or ability to place accurate rounds on a moving target. Police average a hit rate of less than 20% when they are forced to use their handguns in the line of duty. That <20% hit rate doesn’t even mean officers hit the target where they were aiming, either; officers typically hit suspects outside the “center of available mass” target at which they were trained to aim.

There is simply no justification to handicap law-abiding citizens with the sort of magazine-capacity limits some anti-liberty states force upon their residents, especially as law enforcement groups themselves—including the FBI—are beginning to transition away from slightly lower capacity .40 S&W and .357 Sig handguns to higher capacity 9mm pistols.


“Shall not be infringed” clearly applies to magazines, and citizens should be allowed to own whatever magazine they desire to own and use in their defense against criminals and tyrants alike.

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