Is The Brady Campaign Done?

Former Reagan White House Press Secretary James “Bear” Brady died in August of 2014, with the coroner ruling his death a homicide, 33 years after he was shot. Early last month, his wife Sarah passed after a battled with pneumonia.


Now it appears that the Brady Campaign, the prominent gun control group that devolved into a rarely heard from lawfare group, may have suffered a crippling blow after a frivolous lawsuit. As we noted when their case against was dismissed:

Brady’s attorneys simply had no viable case against the legal protections under federal law as provided by the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), which prevents harassment and frivolous lawsuits from gun control cultists.

In addition to dismissing the case, the judge found that the plaintiffs owe the companies they attempted to harass an award of “reasonable attorney fees.”

Now we’ve heard that those “reasonable attorney fees” may be in the range of $280,000.  Dave Hardy notes that this about 10% of their assets, or 5% of their budget.

Sebastian wonders if this may be a fatal blow for the group.

Are we witnessing the dying gasp of the Brady Center? Let’s hope so. Preying on the families of victims to raise their profile by filing frivolous lawsuits is beyond the pale. Recall they recently withdrew from another suit for ethical lapses. Depending on how the judgement is structured, it might be possible for Brady to leave the victims holding the bag; on the hook for the 280 grand. If they do scurry off and leave the judgement to the family, it’s beyond the pale to exploit victims like that.

I think it’s time for the Brady Center to quietly disband. Even looking at the situation from the perspective of a person who supports gun control, the Brady organization no longer serve any useful purpose. How the mighty have fallen.


I saw Brady’s tactics up close a number of years ago when they filed a frivolous case against an NC pawn shop over the death of Wake County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Mark Tucker. In that instance, a man named Van McQueen with a clean criminal record passed a NICS background check and then gave the gun to a felon named Matthew Grant. Grant shot and killed Deputy Tucker, and Brady attempted to argue that Cary Jewelry and Pawn should have suspected this was a straw purchase, even though Grant wasn’t there when the gun was purchased.

I helped poke the holes in that case which led to it being dismissed, and earned words of praise from both the owner of the pawn shop and Deputy Tucker’s brother, who thought Brady was using his widowed sister-in-law to serve their own twisted purposes.

The Brady Campaign has been nothing but petty and vindictive for over a decade.

It’s time they simply went away.

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