Anti-Gun Group Supported by Tim McGraw Pushes Ban That Would Outlaw Fans' Favorite Rifle

Tim McGraw doubled-down on his planned July benefit concert for gun control group Sandy Hook Promise several weeks ago, asserting that he was supporting the “Sandy Hook community” with the concert, despite the fact that the benefit only supports Sandy Hook Promise.


Many of the families who lost victims in the December 2012 massacre do not support the radical gun control group, and eleven families—more than half—who lost children in the 2012 attack said they have nothing at all to do with the group. Several families of victims are actively opposed to the goal of Sandy Hook Promise.

Now Sandy Hook Promise has endorsed a plan by a coalition of left-wing medical groups to push for a ban on the most popular rifles sold in the United States, and standard capacity magazines.

Sandy Hook Promise is clearly a gun control group… so what say you now, Tim McGraw?

Sandy Hook Promise, the group that stands to benefit from an upcoming concert this summer given by country star Tim McGraw, has signed on to support a paper that calls for a number of gun control efforts including bans.

The group, formed in the aftermath of the 2012 Newtown school shootings that claimed the lives of 20 first-graders and six educators – but does not directly benefit the survivors – last week endorsed a call from a number of physicians and health care lobby groups that cast gun violence as a health care issue.

Among the changes proposed in the five-page paper are universal background checks for all gun transfers, medical research into causes of gun violence, and restrictions for civilian use on the manufacture and sale of large-capacity magazines and firearms.

This paints the Sandy Hook Promise group, and McGraw by association, into a corner as both have attempted to cloud the issue of guns and the upcoming benefit.


The laws this coalition of left-wing groups are pushing would outlaw the very guns and magazines enjoyed by McGraw’s family, including his daughter Gracie. Gracie’s Facebook public page has unfortunately become a victim of the backlash to Tim’s gun control efforts.

Gracie McGraw’s AR-15 and drum magazines are great self-defense tools and wholesome entertainment… but the radical gun control group Sandy Hook Promise supported by her father would outlaw both.

The proposed ban supported by the gun control group would outlaw those firearms most clearly protected by the intent of the Second Amendment, those rifles of contemporary military utility and their magazines which could be called into use against enemies foreign and domestic. This is nothing more or less than an attack on liberty itself.

AR-15s are the most popular rifles sold in the United States every year due to their ergonomic design, light weight, low recoil, and great degree of modularity and utility. They are incredibly popular with McGraw’s fan base.

Sandy Hook Promise would ban them all.

McGraw’s support of the radical gun control group may destroy his fan base and his career if he doesn’t reverse course.

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