Video Captures Moment Concealed Carrier Shot Charging Thug At Waffle House

Alcohol and stupidity are a deadly combination. In early January, a group of four drunken white thugs began shouting racial slurs at two men in a Waffle House who seem to have done nothing to provoke them. As the group of hoodlums was leaving, one tried to shake hands with the men to whom they’d been directing the slurs.


One of the men shakes the hand of one of the bigot, but the other shakes his head no and refuses, at which point the bigot punches him in the face without apparent provocation. The victim pulled his concealed handgun and warns his attacker to back off, as he himself begins to back away.

At that moment, one of the shirtless thugs who’d already left the restaurant charged back in and bull-rushed the concealed carrier, who fired three times while retreating.

The drunk thugs then fled the restaurant and attempted to take the shirtless man to the hospital, but wrecked on the way. Dakota Fields, the drunken, shirtless thug who charged the concealed carrier whom his friend had punched for no reason, was dead pronounced at the scene of two gunshot wounds.

Investigators concluded that lawful concealed carrier Jehrardd Williams shot Fields in legal self-defense earlier this month. Williams reasonably feared that he was about to be the victim of a four-on-one attack.

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