Defiant Detroit Concealed Carrier Unloads On Carjackers

A Detroit woman who took a wrong turn on the way to her hairdressers became the target for a trio of would-be carjackers as she made a U-turn.

One of them opened her door and fired two shots at her. This apparently made the concealed carrier somewhat irritated, and so she returned fired, unloading her Sig Sauer:


She goes by C.C. and didn’t want her full name to be used in this story. She took a wrong turn at Alma and Garnet avenues on her way to the hairdresser’s. While making a u-turn three men approached her car and tried to take it. They went as far opening to the door and shooting at her. There are two bullet holes.

However, the bold thieves learned they were messing with the wrong Detroiter.

“When I see him with the gun as he approached me to take the car, I lifted my gun up on the door and I began to shoot,” said C.C. “So when he shot I was shooting back.”

She keeps her gun — .357 caliber Sig Sauer G2 — in the side door of her vehicle. She has a concealed carry permit. It’s her weapon of choice which she has trained with at area ranges. It holds 13 hollow point rounds. She emptied the clip at the thieves who scurried away near some abandoned homes.

“All the residents of the city need to come together and take back this city from the thugs and the criminals that have taken over this city, and if you live in fear you’ll never bring this city back,” she said.

We’re fairly certain that the “Sig Sauer G2” referenced in the story is a “SAS Gen 2”, either probably the P226 or P229 based on the 12+1 capacity of the firearm. She has nice taste. Her backup shown in news station’s video appears to be a no-nonsense SCCY 9mm.


C.C. didn’t apparently hit anyone—good or bad—with her outbound baker’s dozen, which suggests that she might want to spend a little less on über-cool firearms and a little more money on training. That allowed, she kept her cool and survived the encounter without any damage to herself (thankfully the bad guy was also a horrible shot), and that’s what matters.

It will be interesting to see how this experience changes her perspective on training. Some of the other folks we’ve met who have survived a defensive gun use then swore to take both more pistol marksmanship training and force-on-force training to improve their shooting skills under stress.

C.C. is expected to get her .357 Sig back from police today as the investigation wraps up. Authorities suggest that this was clearly a legal defensive use of a handgun.

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