Female Concealed Carrier Shoots Knife-Wielding Robber In Houston

Don’t mess with Texas women:

A woman was “cool as a cucumber” Friday evening when she opened fire at a man who tried to rob her at a gas station in northeast Harris County, sheriff’s deputies said.

The woman, in her mid-30s, pulled into an Exxon station about 6 p.m. along FM 2100 and Saddle Creek Farms Drive.

She was in the driver’s seat when a man suddenly got into the passenger side. He pulled out a knife and demanded her cash, Harris County sheriff’s deputies said.

The woman agreed and reached over to her purse. But instead of money, she pulled out a pistol.

“She shoots him one time in the left shoulder,” Deputy Thomas Gilliland said.

The man fled, running north along FM 2100. He collapsed about a quarter-mile away.


I’m not a fan of off-body carry for a multitude of reasons. If the thief had simply grabbed her purse and run he’d be a wallet and a pistol richer, while the victim would have been utterly defenseless.

That said, that isn’t what happened this time.

The robber clearly thought that he had the upper hand, and the woman appears to have played the situation she was presented about as well as anyone could. She feigned compliance before putting a bullet into the bad guy, forcing him to flee for his life. She appears to have escaped injury entirely.

The bad guy had to be life-flighted to Texas Medical Center due to blood loss, but they were able to stabilize him and he will be facing charges of aggravated robbery.

I don’t think I need to tell you how this might have gone if the woman did not practice concealed carry.

Instead of having a robbery in the hospital facing charges, we could have had a victim that was robbed, raped, or even murdered.

Once again, a good person with a gun stopped a criminal.


It’s sad that gun control cultists spend so much energy attempting to pretend that incidents like this don’t happen every single day.

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