What Really Happened In McKinney, Texas?

It appears that the new police outrage de jour is going to focus on the actions of a police corporal in McKinney, Texas who was one of at least nine units responding to a riot (or am I supposed to say “pool party?”) where more than 70 youths trespassed at a community pool, started several fights, and then damaged property before the police finally intervened.


The video below picks up after a small number of the rioting teens attempted to run from police officers. They were quickly corralled, sat down in the grass to be interviewed, and several were handcuffed.

The officer that is the main focus of the video uses copious amounts of profanity (not very becoming, but also not unusual), but the anger at the officer focuses on his treatment of one non-complaint girl who refused to leave when ordered to do so, and two young men who mock-rushed the officer as he attempted to take the girl into custody.

If you’re pressed for time, the action begins heating up at about 2:25 in the video, where the officer tells a group of five girls to disperse, stating unequivocally, “you are leaving, now.”

Four of the girls leave after repeated commands, but the girl who soon becomes the focus of the officer’s ire stops, turns, and apparently decides to “mouth off” to the officer some more.

Surprising no one, this does not go over well.

The officer decides that he is going to take her into custody—presumably for failure to disperse or a similar charge—and she begins resisting.

This does not go over well, either.

As the officer takes her to the ground in what mixed martial artist and comedian Steven Crowder calls a “leveraged shoulder maneuver,” two of her female friends come rushing back. Even more troubling, two young men come rushing up behind the officer to temporarily turn this into a 5-on-1 encounter, and things get sporty:


While the officer is attempting to restrain her, several men come up behind him very aggressively. One even throws down his hat and pulls up his pants looking like he’s about to pounce. The officer draws his weapon, not aiming at anyone, with the finger off the trigger. Moments after he draws his weapon, two other officers are by his side to help calm the situation. Kudos to those two officers for acting swiftly and diffusing the moment. Why isn’t the media talking about those two officers? Why don’t we hear about the heroes in this story? Why do we only give air time to the alleged ‘villain’?

Despite claims by some in the media, the officer in the video has snot been suspended while they conduct an administrative review of the event.

People are attempting to claim that this is a racial issue based on this one short video that captured a small sliver of the event, but local residents have taken to Facebook and other social media to make it very clear that the teens were trespassing, were violent, and were committing property damage before and as officers arrived. This was a near riot, not a pool party.

It is also clear that the young woman refused to follow multiple lawful commands to leave the area, and that she resisted arrest.

As far as the two young men who clearly gave some thought to jumping the officer, I consider them very lucky. Bum-rushing a cop clearly justifies the use of deadly force, and they only seemed to hesitate their charge because the officer saw them, squared up on them, and drew his pistol. This could have easily ended up with shots fired if they attempted to press their temporary numerical advantage.


I’ll be very interested to see what the McKinney Police administrative review determines in their investigation of the officer’s conduct. I don’t see any sign that the officer  violated laws, and it only seems to be a question of whether or not he violated department policies (which vary from department to department).

My initial reaction is that criminality (even petty criminality) isn’t pretty, and that sometimes law enforcement isn’t either.

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