Violent Home Invader Shot And Killed In Boulder

19-year-old Roberto Zamora attempted to break into several homes in a Boulder neighborhood before finally choosing the wrong house:

Several neighbors told police the man was yelling at residents and banging on doors and windows as he tried to break in several homes on Pima Court.

When the man got to a home in the cul-de-sac, and banged on the rear windows, a man inside the home told police he told the female occupant of the home to call police and he grabbed his gun.

“At this point, the suspect had gone around to the front of the house and was banging loudly on the glass screen door, which was locked, continuing his attempt to break in,” Boulder Police said. “The suspect shattered the glass screen door and then burst in through the front door.”

The male resident told police the intruder attacked him, knocked him to the ground and the two fought.

“I watched him go head first through both doors,” said Brock Derby, a neighbor who then heard the gunshots. “Of all the houses to break into here, I think that was the worst to break into.”

The homeowner gave Zamora more ground than required, and legally had the right to shoot the home invader when he breached the home. Why he waited to shoot until after Zamora knocked him down is anyone’s guess. He’s also very lucky that Zamora didn’t disarm him and use the gun against him.

Don’t hesitate, folks. It’s a good way to wind up a victim. Make sure that you do what you can to avoid opening fire unnecessarily, but don’t allow them to go “hands on.”

The district attorney will investigate the homicide, but is appears to be clearly justified.

Zamora’s actions seemed very erratic, and somewhat similar to the naked teen running around an Ohio neighborhood last month screaming “I’m not gay!” before attacking a woman, prompting her husband to open fire.

I’ll be very interested to see if Zamora’s toxicology screen comes back clean.

It is worth noting that Zamora’s attack took place in what appears to be an upper middle class neighborhood. Violent criminal attacks can happen anywhere, folks.

Be prepared, and have a plan.

May 27, 2022 1:15 PM ET