Domino's Driver Stops Armed Robbery... But Will He Keep His Job?

A Domino’s Pizza delivery driver was targeted by a pair of armed robbers who were waiting for him outside his Hollywood, Florida, store after returning from deliveries.

They wanted cash. He gave them lead instead:

A Hollywood pizza delivery worker fought back against a pair of would-be robbers, shooting and killing one of them overnight Wednesday, police say.

Hollywood Police are investigating the shooting which happened just after midnight outside a Domino’s Pizza located at 5737 Hollywood Boulevard.

According to initial reports, the delivery worker was returning from a few deliveries when two suspects approached him and attempted to rob him.

The driver was armed, and pulled out a gun and shot at the suspects. One was killed, while the other got away and remains on the loose.

Witnesses claim that the drive fired six shots at the two suspects, and one of them apparently died at the scene while the other escaped.

A Domino’s employee at the location today confirmed that the driver was physically okay after the attack, but stated that they could not say anything beyond that because of the active police investigation.

Domino’s has an official corporate policy forbidding their employees from using or carrying firearms while on the job, even though drivers have one of then ten most dangerous jobs in the United States. They have fired employees in the past for defending their lives and the lives of others, but have modified that position in the past when large groups of gun owners threatened to boycott the chain if employees were fired for using a firearm in self defense against robbers.

Sarah Cherry, an Army veteran and Byltheville, Arkansas store manager, was able to keep her job after public outcry when she drove off a trio of armed robbers in January.

Other disarmed Domino’s employees have not been so lucky.

We hope that gun rights groups rally around this unnamed Domino’s driver in Florida the way that they have rallied around other robbery survivors in the past.

Of course, if Domino’s reversed their weapons policy—or simply chose not to have one—then we wouldn’t be having this discussion every few months.