NBC Segment on Gun Culture 2.0 Makes Us Look Good

The mainstream media is rabidly anti-gun, and so it’s not surprising that Matt Lauer and Ronan Farrow attempted to tie all gun owners to “gun violence” leading into and coming out of a segment on the “next generation” of gun owners, the very diverse group of Millennials who make up what some are calling “Gun Culture 2.0.”


While Americans gun owners are still typically characterized as OWGs (old white guys), the National Shooting Sports Foundation has shown that the fastest growing segment of the shooting sports market are increasingly young, urban, and female. We’re noting the same trends at gun stores, shooting ranges, in firearms training classes, and in shooting sports competitions.

Kirsten Joy Weiss and Colion Noir and several other young shooters in their 20s and 30s were treated well in this segment, and portrayed fairly. Their polish, poise, and intelligence showed through, despite the obvious distaste that the OWGs at NBC have for firearms and their owners.

It’s too bad that heavily biased propaganda artists like Lauer and Farrow feel compelled to attempting to link the most law-abiding segment of society (lawful gun owners) with the very real human problem we have of minority gang violence and drug-related crime problem, primarily committed by violent criminals who are already prohibited persons, against targets who are also, for the most part, also already prohibited persons.


Despite their best attempts to smear gun owners by the in-studio anchors, the segment was a definite “win” for us, and I look forward to seeing more video segments like this in the future.

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