AK-47s SAVE LIVES: Las Vegas Man Uses Iconic Rifle To Successfully Defend Family During Home Invasion

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police were called to the scene of a home invasion Tuesday morning, only to discover that a 23-year-old resident armed with a semi-automatic AKM had already driven off both home invaders, saving the lives of his mother and three siblings.

Metro said when officers arrived at the scene they found Jesus Javier Sanchez standing in the yard with an AK47.  Officers said when they approached Sanchez he immediately dropped the rifle and followed their commands.

Police said as they started checking the home to make sure it was secure they found several bullet holes in the front door and a black semi-automatic handgun.  Investigating further inside the home, officers say they found another handgun lying on the bed and a trail of blood leading from the house down the driveway and to the street.

Metro Police said witnesses said the suspects fled the scene in a gold-colored Oldsmobile.  Shortly, before 9:30 a.m. officers received a call from North Vista Hospital personnel saying that they had just had two people arrive at their emergency room with gunshot wounds.

The two people turned out to be the suspects from the home invasion.  North Vista Hospital told officers the male suspect was dead.  Harris, was transported to University Medical Center due to the severity of her injuries.

Despite cries from gun control supporters, agenda-driven politicians, and a smug-but-ignorant media that intermediate caliber, semi-automatic carbines are “weapons of war” with “no legitimate civilian use,” firearms such as the AKM and the ubiquitous AR-15 are in fact excellent home defense firearms, and are the preferred home defense firearm of many tactical firearm trainers and expert shooters.

These personal defense rifles are low-recoiling, have a decent magazine capacity, are short enough (in carbine form) to be very maneuverable, and they much easier to shoot with reasonable combat accuracy under high stress than handguns. Rifle bullets  also carry far-more fighting-stopping energy than pistol bullets, typically meaning that home defenders have to make fewer hits to stop attackers. Amazingly, while it may seem paradoxical to some, using these rifles can deliver more energy to target than any pistol, yet pose a lesser risk of over-penetration compared to common handgun ammunition if fragmenting hollowpoint ammunition is selected.

A decent quality AKM or AR-15 carbine with a standard-capacity magazine in the hands of a practiced shooter is a formidable defensive tool that can save lives and break even the most vicious home invasion attempt.

I strongly suggest that you do your research and consider obtaining an AKM, AR-15, or similar rifle, and take advantage of the many tactical carbine courses being offered by top shooting schools around the country.