Nimrod Attempts To Collect Darwin Award Firing A .50 BMG Cartridge From a Pipe Gun

“Professional Youtuber” (his words, not mine) Royal Nonesuch though that it would be fun to attempt to fire .50 BMG cartridges from his crudely-made slam-fire shotgun.


The crude weapon is fired by snatching a piece of string to force the piece of pipe holding the cartridge back against a fixed firing pin.

He’s incredibly fortunate that the pipe contained the energy of the round going off with detonating like a hand grenade. Crude homemade firearms like this can and will detonate because the pipe sections used as barrels are not made to handle the tremendous pressures generated when a round fires.

Don’t EVER be this guy, folks, and don’t hang around with cocky amateurs like this. It’s a great way to wind up seriously injured… or worse.

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