Dim-Witted Burglar Dies Attempting To Knock Off Machine Gun Store

A burglar in Houston, Texas must have known that attempting to rob a store that sells machine guns during the day would be a suicidal effort.

The burglar was probably quite surprised to find that the owner was there when he broke in at almost 2:00 AM Tuesday morning, but he isn’t around now to ask:


It would seem obvious that a firearms dealer specially licensed by the federal government to sell machine guns would know how to shoot, but burglars probably didn’t expect to face his wrath at 1:45 in the morning.

That is how Houston police say matters played out early Tuesday when a man was shot in the head and critically wounded while allegedly trying to break into Class 3 Weapons near north Houston near the intersection of North Shepherd and Tidwell.

It was the second time this week a local gun store has been hit. The other was Monday, when a backhoe was used to bash a hole in Warthog Firearms, off Main.

“Every gun store owner probably needs to live in their gun store to protect it,” said Jim Pruett, a former gun dealer who was robbed three times in five years.

“It is not if they are going to burglarize you, it is when,” he said. “These punks out there … they think it is easy money.”


Well, it’s “easy money” if you don’t get caught by the police, or you don’t get shot by the gun shop owner.

While we hate to see anyone die, we’re cognizant of the fact that the store owner prevented this criminal from stealing firearms and putting them on the street in the hands of violent criminals, typically in gangs, so we’re not going to lose sleep over the fact that Dindu Nuffin ended up with a bullet in his noggin.


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