Gunsite Adds East Coast Training In Richmond With Colonial Shooting Academy

Forget Disney.

In my opinion, driving through the gates of Gunsite Academy in Paulden, AZ is a trip to the happiest place on Earth.

Unfortunately, for those of us on the East Coast the trip also requires a flight across the country that typically eats up most of a day each way. Gunsite owner Buz Mills sent me an email yesterday sent me an email yesterday noting that Gunsite is going to get a lot more accessible for those of us on the east coast.


Colonial Shooting Academy, the largest indoor shooting range in the country, and Gunsite Academy, the developer of the modern technique of the pistol and the world’s oldest & largest firearms training organization, have announced an exclusive partnership that will bring Gunsite’s classes to Colonial Shooting Academy in Richmond, VA.

“We are proud to add Gunsite’s world-class firearms training to what we believe is the best indoor range in the country,” said Colonial Shooting Academy Marketing Manager, Peyton Lacy. “Anyone who is serious about firearms training dreams of attending a Gunsite class and now we are able to bring Gunsite 2,000 miles closer to shooters on the east coast.”

The collaboration between Colonial and Gunsite will bring Gunsite classes like the popular 250 Defensive Pistol course to Colonial Shooting Academy’s indoor tactical range and indoor shoot house starting in September, 2015. The 250 Defensive Pistol Course was first presented in 1976 by Colonel Jeff Cooper and is one of the most sought after firearms classes in the country. Suitable for shooters of all experience levels, the 250 Defensive Pistol Course is designed to achieve gun handling confidence & competence, includes 5 days of range work, lectures & intensive live-fire simulators, including low-light scenarios.

“I am proud to bring the Gunsite experience to the east coast at Colonial Shooting Academy,” said Gunsite Owner Buz Mills. “There is certainly an advantage to being able to train rain or shine, and the facilities at Colonial Shooting Academy are the best I’ve seen on the east coast. I’m going to enjoy spending time with new students in Richmond and I’m sure that some of our regular Gunsite students will be dropping by as well.”


Colonial Shooting Academy will offer 250 Pistol monthly, and is currently building a wait-list for 350 Intermediate Pistol.

It’s not a secret that I’m a big fan of Gunsite, having graduated 250 Pistol last August.

Providing that training within driving distance of most of the major population centers on the East Coast is going to make the experience more affordable in both terms of time and money for many people, and while Colonial Shooting Academy might not offer the opportunity to view rattlesnakes, javelina, and roadrunners at the range, I don’t think too many people will mind.

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