MAD MINUTE: Accuracy International AX vs. Ruger Precision Rifle

Any fan of Sniper’s Hide knows that Frank Galli can shoot, and so when Ruger launched the $1,400 Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) for those interested in getting into the tactical shooting game at a fraction of the price of other precision rifles, Sniper’s Hide readers begged Frank to test it  in an apples-to-apples test against a standard, high-end precision rifle.


He gave them a “mad minute” comparing a $7,000 Accuracy International AX versus the $1,400 Ruger Precision Rifle, both firing 140-grain 6.5 Creedmoor AMAX bullets from the same case at a target 450 yards away.

It was a heck of a performance from both man and shooting machines.

I’ve been very fortunate to put trigger time in behind some great precision rifles, but I was stunned at Galli’s ability to put 19 rounds in target in a minute with the AI,and 14 rounds with the Ruger, without missing a shot with either platform, especially under these wind conditions.

You can read Galli’s write up at Sniper’s Hide,  but to sum it up, he’s very impressed with Ruger’s new rifle, especially at it’s sub-$1,400 price point.

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