"Never Leave Home Without My Gun." Detroit Answers Police Chief's Call To Arms

Detroit firearms instructor and gun blogger Rick Ector

Time and again Detroit residents have graced the pages of our “Guns Saving Lives” section, and we think a lot of the credit for Motor City residents doing such a wonderful job of defending themselves comes from the encouragement of the Detroit Police Department, especially the vocal Second Amendment leadership from Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

In a city plagued by chronic unemployment and crime and guarded by a dwindling police force, residents of Detroit are increasingly taking protection of themselves, their families and property into their own hands. Those who do so responsibly have the blessing and backing of Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

“When you look at the city of Detroit, we’re kind of leading the way in terms of urban areas with law-abiding citizens carrying guns,” Craig said recently.

The chief’s call to arms, which first came in December, 2013, has been answered by thousands of men and women tired of being victims and eager to reclaim their beleaguered city. In 2014, some new 1,169 handgun permits were issued, while 8,102 guns were registered with city police – many to prior permit holders who bought new firearms. So for in 2015, nearly 500 permits have issued by the department and more than 5,000 guns have been registered.

“There’s definitely been a “Chief Craig” effect,” Rick Ector, a firearms instructor who runs the blog Legally Armed in Detroit. “His support and endorsement has been helpful.”

Obtaining a concealed-carry permit in the state of Michigan is not difficult compared to states with stricter gun laws. Eligible citizens can meet the state’s training requirement in eight hours, and firearms academies and gun shops within the city offer one-day courses for as little as $99.

Ector said that he and other instructors have seen a steady rise in locals looking to get a permit, to protect themselves either on the street or in their homes. While data showing a relation between increased gun ownership and the crime rate is not available, Ector said legally armed residents are having an effect.

Home invasions are declining as Detroit’s criminals are learning that kicking in the door of a home these days bring with it the substantial risk of going to the closest hospital’s emergency room or the morgue.

Would-be carjackers, like the man Darrell Standbury shot and killed with his .45 ACP Sig Sauer at the beginning of the linked article, are also finding out that attempting violent crime away from homes is equally risky.

Indeed, a simple search through the Bearing Arms archives shows very fiery and defiant Detroit citizenry which simply refuses to knuckle-under to the predators in their midst, but have chosen to fight back.

The valor of Detroit’s residents and the leadership from Chief Craig, and the self-defense advocacy of Rick Ector are a far cry from mewling of Baltimore residents that allowed politicians to strip them of their gun rights, and their blame-shifting of their failure of a mayor.

Strong leaders want their citizens to be able to defend themselves from criminals, and they defend the Second Amendment because the Second Amendment.

Weak leaders only seek to find excuses, much to the detriment of those they have taken the responsibility of defending.