YOU WILL BE MADE TO CARE: Self-Absorbed Media Makes On-Air Murders All About Them

These are the current top stories at WRAL, a Raleigh, NC, television station.

WRAL’s front page on the morning of August 27, 2015, at 7:20 AM. It’s all about them.

EIGHT of the top stories on their site are dedicated to yesterday’s on-air murder of two journalists by a fellow journalist who was a black gay, racist fan of serial killers, while doing their best to avoid the fact that he was a black, gay, fan racist fan of serial killers who was no doubt inspired by the entitlement mindset driving the anti-civility cult known as “Black Lives Matter.”

If the victims had been literally anyone else than members of the media, they would have “earned” a small link on the far right column of the page where small scale murders usually seem to end up, where you currently see the story about the police officer and woman murdered in Louisiana.

Other news stations around the nation are no better. Some are worse.

Fox News currently has TEN stories dedicated to this local murder.

Fox News hs 10 stories on their front page dedicated to this small town murder of journalists, by a journalist.

CNN was mildly better, with only six stories dedicated to the crime.

CNN dedicate the top of their page this morning to the crime.

This story is about them, and by “them,” I mean the navel-gazing mainstream media which has been forced to see first-hand the kind of social justice monsters they’re responsible for helping manufacture reflected in the stunned face of a screaming, dying young reporter.

It will matter to you because they will internalize their fears of the world they are helping create through their sensationalism and their propaganda-focused reporting, and they will lash out at gun owners and attempt to undermine your gun rights. Many already have, and of course, anti-gun Democrats are exploiting the incident to call for more gun control.

It’s going to be a rough ride, folks, as they attempt to make this about guns instead of the kind of vengeful monster’s they’re responsible for creating.

They’re going to attack your rights to avoid their culpability.

Be ready.

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