Father of Murder Victim Will Campaign For Gun Control, After He Buys One

The father of the young female reporter killed by a black gay former colleague obsessed with serial killers and imagined racial slights has announced that he is going to make gun control the focus of his life’s work… right after he buys one.


The father of slain TV reporter Alison Parker says he thinks he will have to buy a gun now that he has decided to be an outspoken advocate for tougher gun laws.

Adam Parker made the remarks Friday outside the station where his daughter worked. He said he currently doesn’t own a gun, but believes he will now have to buy one because his mission will be tougher gun laws.

He says background checks should be done on people who buy weapons at gun shows.

I feel a great deal of pity for Mr. Parker, who is clearly reeling from the loss of his daughter.

The poor man doesn’t seem to be aware of the fact he’s clearly stating his belief that firearms have an obvious defensive role to play in society. He’s proving our point as he contradicts himself.

Parker is sadly misguided in his belief that he is facing any sort of threat for his new (and convoluted) gun control views. There have been precisely zero instances of gun control supporters being murdered for their views by gun rights activists.

There were, however, 262 million people murdered by those who favored gun control in the 20th century alone.

Parker would also likely be surprised to discover that background checks are already required nationwide for firearms purchase conducted by a gun dealer (FFL), including those conducted at gun shows.

Update: Barbara Parker, mother of slain reporter Alison Parker, says that your natural right to armed self-defense enshrined in the Bill of Rights is only a perceived right.


“There are people out there whose minds we will never change,” she said. “If you are a parent, if you are a mother, if you have children — how can you look your child in the eye and say we are willing to allow you to be collateral damage in order to keep what some people perceive to be their constitutional rights? If we as a society are willing to accept that, what kind of society are we?”

To answer her question, I believe that we are a society who will not by laid to waste by government tyrannies, nor criminal conspiracies. We have the ability to fight and defeat both because we will fight retain the human right to armed self-defense. We will not give up our essential liberties for the illusion of temporary safety, and we will not give up the right to defend ourselves and our children simply because it didn’t save your child.

I’m truly sad that pathetic loser Vester Lee Flanagan murdered Alison Parker and Adam Ward, but you will not make my children suffer the destruction of their liberties as salve for your loss.

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