Hillary Is Coming! Time To Buy Guns, Ammo, Mags?

Brace yourself! Hillary is coming. As expected, she’s running on a platform including gun control, and her top contender, Bernie Sanders, wants to ban all semi-automatic weapons.

A recent Pew poll found that a candidate’s position on gun control is one of the top three voter issues for the 2016 election, as it is certainly mine. This means that gun control will be a big part of campaigning and media coverage. The better Hillary and/or Bernie do in the polls, the more the demand for firearms, magazines, and ammunition will rise, bringing lower availability and higher prices.

We can protect ourselves against this by moving our expected purchases forward, buying today at stable prices what we might need later when prices are much more volatile. Waiting for prices to drop further than they already have before buying stuff you know you want is called “bottom fishing,” and it is a losing strategy in commodity markets. Don’t miss out on getting the best prices for the gun products you buy by waiting until the market once again goes back into crisis mode this election cycle.