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Gunsite Academy, located in the high desert outside of Paulden, Arizona, is America’s original full-time “gunfighter school,” founded as the American Pistol Institute (API in 1976) to teach the Modern Technique of the Pistol.


Along with another Townhall Media colleague, I’m here for a five-day, 1,300-plus-round class known as “350 Intermediate Pistol,” it looks intense:

Move! The 350 course focuses on movement- You will not be standing still on the line as everything will be done with different types of movement. Getting off the line of attack, shoot then move, move then shoot, continuous movement and moving targets hi light the week!

Concealed carry is optional for much of the class to make the training more relevant to your everyday life. New flashlight techniques are introduced as your night shoot is done in the simulators! You will learn to draw and shoot with your support hand. Dozier drills are shot from a seated position and the El Presidente drill is done tactically.

You will also be introduced to force on force training done with Simunitions! The added realism of dealing with live people who react and respond to you is the most beneficial training you can have! It’s as close to real as it gets!


I’m more than a little nervous, as I’ve had very little time to practice with the Beretta M9A1 Compact I’ll be shooting and I’m still trying to figure out that double-action to single-action transition between the first shot and the second shot.

It’s 5:30 AM here, and I’m packing up for the range.

I’ll give you a mid-day report later, desert wi-fi permitting.

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