Michigan Concealed Carrier Thwarts "CraigsList" Ambush Attempt

A trio of criminals who lured two men into an robbery found the tables turned on them when one of their intended victims pulled his legally-concealed handgun and opened fire on them.


Police are reporting that two suspects have been transported to area hospitals with gunshot wounds after an apparent Craigslist transaction went awry.

Battle Creek police report that a man and his son had come into town from Grand Rapids, believing they were going to buy a car.

The three suspects apparently gave the father and son the address of an abandoned house in the 600 block Linwood Avenue, in Battle Creek, and when they arrived, the suspects attacked.

Police believe the son, who has a CPL, fired two shots from a handgun at the suspects, who fled in multiple directions.

One suspect was struck in the chest, another in the lower torso.

Police later found one wounded suspect in the 100 block of Broadway Boulevard, about a mile south of the original incident. The other wounded suspect was also located in the area of Woodlawn Avenue.

As a matter of tactics, it is generally suggested that trained defensive handgun users fire two shots per target for best effect. That said, every situation is different, and that is a guideline, not a rule.

In this instance, the concealed carrier fired two shots and got two effective hits on two targets, and those hits ended the criminal assault. The injured suspects are expected to survive their injuries, and will face criminal charges. Authorities are currently looking to apprehend the third suspect.

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