WHIP IT: High Speed Rifle Dynamics AK Video

Have you ever seen the amount of flex that occurs when an AK-pattern rifle fires? It’s really something to watch!

Rifle Dynamics is the premier builder – and trusted leader – in the industry of Kalashnikov and Combloc firearms.

Jim Fuller’s knowledge and natural enthusiasm toward this platform, along with a passion for choice, freedom, and active self-protection led him to start the company in 2007. Located in Las Vegas, NV, Rifle Dynamics is owned and operated by Jim and Karen Fuller with the mission to build quality, reliable, and superior weapon systems for the warrior in all of us.

In this video Melanie Fedraw is shooting the Kyber Pass AKM machine gun in 7.62×39 with the Venom Antidote muzzle break. At the very beginning of the video she is shooting an AKS-74U in 5.45×39 with a 4 piece booster.


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