THAT STINKS: PA High School Staff Panics, Calls Police Over Bullet-Shaped Air Freshener

Driven by Refresh
Driven by Refresh
Driven by Refresh

Hersehy High School in Derby Township School District called police officers yesterday to deal with “an object resembling a bullet.”


This morning, an object resembling a bullet was found in a Hershey High School parking lot. The Derry Township Police Department has taken possession of the object and confirmed it is NOT ammunition; in fact it has been determined to be an air freshener.

The object—shaped like a rifle bullet, but with a “dark, mysterious, and intensely masculine scent” of “Bergamot and musk intertwined with a fresh citrus note,” was in fact a car air freshener, and not a sign of impending doom.

Seriously? Where are the mature adults at this school?

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