THIS FREEDOM GOES TO ELEVEN: October 2015 Knob Creek Night Shoot

Ben Philippi of shot some phenomenal footage of the world-famous Knob Creek machine gun night shoot in West Point, Kentucky earlier this week.

That’s about 50,000 rounds in minutes from what I believe are all privately-owned machine guns.


I’d note that these are all NFA (National Firearms Act) guns. There has been precisely ONE criminal homicide committed with a legal civilian-owned machine gun in the past 81 years, despite millions (if not tens of millions) of rounds being fired through them.

These fully-automatic (one trigger pull, continuous fire for as long as there is ammunition) firearms are radically different from the semi-automatic (one shot per trigger pull) firearms that anti-gun Democrats dishonestly call “assault rifles” or “assault weapons.”  Semi-automatic (also called “self-loading”) firearms have remained virtually unchanged in basic function since they were created in the 1880s.

Philippi has more details about the shoot at

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