In What Crack-Addled World Is This A Legitimate "Gun Test?"

I have no thoughts one way or the other about the Turkish Canik TP9V2/SA (a semi-automatic pistol), and I don’t mean any disrespect to the guys at the VSO Gun Channel, who do great videos that many of us enjoy.


I just don’t understand this “test” at all.

TLet me be clear: these guys are hardly alone.  I’ve seen others tie a firearm to a vehicle and drag it around.

It’s not a test.

It’s pure showmanship.

Want to “test” a firearm?

Fire a lot of ammunition through it, seeing what it will feed and function with, and what it won’t. Shoot hundred to thousands of rounds through it until it fails. They see if you can replicate that failure. Approximate something like the scientific method.

Fire it in different environmental conditions. Do relatively normal and proven drills, of which there are dozens, which test the gun and the shooter together as a system.

Dragging it behind a truck proves to me that you can tie a knot.

All it tells me about the gun is that you don’t care that much about it.

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